Wandering Doubts

Wandering Doubts, video montage, 4:11 min (screen shots)

During March 2020 I was on an art residency in the historic port of Fort Kochi, India, when the pandemic hit and borders started to close.  Arriving home into quarantine felt like I had gone through an uncanny portal with the rest of humanity. To process this experience I have been combining images and sounds taken in India with props staged at home as an imaginary way to travel across time and place. In this process I embroidered machine engine parts on hand loomed Kerala cloth as a reflection on the systemic inequalities the pandemic has highlighted, such as the tide of Indian labourers forced to walk home for thousands of miles while others could fly home in a flash. Between the uprisings and stillness, ocean currents continue to circulate around the world to touch coastlines of distant lands; perhaps a small ripple of hope for a shared humanity as we drift into the unknown.

Pepper House residency was facilitated by a Kochi Biennial Foundation and ACE Open cultural exchange.