The Ceaseless Tide

Sue Kneebone and Tamara Baillie , 25 May to 2 July, 2021

Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery

In the days before satellite navigation, false lights upon distant shores would draw mariners into deadly peril, their wrecked vessels standing as true warning signs to future travellers.This new exhibition draws together a selection of works by artists Tamara Baillie and Sue Kneebone, creating a meditative space filled with ocean ruins and gothic beauty. Baillie and Kneebone utilise the haunting imagery of ancient maritime disaster to contemplate our precarious present: a world wracked by environmental change, rising sea levels, and global catastrophe. Combining installation, sculpture and moving image work, The Ceaseless Tide brings dark allure and grim humour to serious issues; these works ruminate on human existence at the mercy of sublime and pitiless forces.

Exhibition photos by Sam Roberts